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Nuggets are bite-sized, science-backed snacks to help creators—like you—change the conversation about the climate crisis.

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Read on, get inspired, and join the alliance of creators for the climate! 👇

Collective Creativity

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Creativity is critical in the climate fight.

Solutions to the climate crisis need to come from everyone. And we mean everyone. Even the people who don’t think about the climate, and the ones who think they’re not interested.

That’s where you—the creators—come in.

If you’ve ever posted anything online, you’re a creator. Whether you’re a photographer, urban planner, home cook, dancer, actor, armchair critic, thrifter, writer, engineer, you have a cultural perspective. You influence your community of 5, 10, 200, 500k, 1M. Which means you can reach audiences that traditional climate media can only dream of reaching. That’s big.

Here’s why:

  • Social

    Creators can shift culture.

    As a creator, you have social influence. The content you share and the stories you tell can shape your audience’s behaviors and lifestyles. This can shift cultural narratives about what matters and what’s possible when it comes to the climate.1

  • Reduce

    Shifting culture can change behavior. 2

    If you make eating mushrooms look tasty and aspirational, your followers might start thinking about eating more plants, which is better for the planet than eating meat all of the time. If you show off your latest vintage sneaker find, they might go second-hand, too, which is more sustainable.

  • Galvanize

    Changing behavior can galvanize collective action.2

    You have a platform to inspire people to take actions that can have a huge collective impact. If enough of your followers, or your followers’ followers, take action, we can reach key social tipping points3

  • Impact

    Social tipping points can drive big, systemic change. 4

    When a large number of people demand the same thing, policies and economic structures start to change. By creating a movement, we can drive bold systemic change.5

Why we built this site

Why we built this site

The site is a resource for you. It features an abundance of creative inspo and practical tools that can start you on your journey to creating never-before-seen climate content.

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  • Prompts

    Creative prompt Nuggets reflect data-backed, climate-friendly behavioral changes and ideas. They also feature content from other creators who have made great content around the topic.

    • Date Your Fridge, because using up food scraps is sexier than a bad Hinge date.
    • Roam at Home, because going on a regional or local trip can avoid lots of carbon emissions.
  • Resources

    Resource Nuggets give practical tips on how to start weaving in climate messages into your work/brand, even if you’ve never talked about climate before.

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Every creator is unique. Different brands, voices, audiences, and vibes.

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On food

  • Lahbco

    @lahbco makes soup with the vegetables in his fridge that are wilting faster than my attention span 🍲.

  • Spicymoustache

    @_spicymoustache_ uses onion and garlic skins to make this delicious, zero-waste condiment.

On Living

On moving

On nature

So these Nuggs are different, too.
Pick the ones that speak to you.

This site is a collaboration portal

Collaboration portal
  • Get inspired

    Click around and check out amazing content from other creators like you.
  • Pitch your Nugget ideas

    Think we’re missing a critical topic or issue? Let us know and we might work with you to cook up a Nugg!
  • Make content—we’ll share it!

    Join the ranks of other top creators like New York Nico, Green Girl Leah, and Nasim Labichi. Let us know and we’ll feature it!
  • Tell us what’s working (or not).

    This is a WIP! Our DMs are open for criticism, feedback, tips, ideas, collab opps, and Nugget recipes.
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    We’re working on exciting plans for creators like you to learn, mingle and collaborate. Lots of new opps coming soon.
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  • 1. By drawing support from diverse actors, narratives of change can enable coalitions to form, providing the basis for social movements to campaign in favour of (or against) societal transformations. People act and contribute to climate change mitigation in their diverse capacities as consumers, citizens, professionals, role models, investors, and policymakers,” from IPCC Report Chapter 5, Executive Summary of Mitigation of Climate Change, 2022 Back
  • 2. "Collective action as part of social or lifestyle movements underpins system change (high confidence). Collective action and social organising are crucial to shift the possibility space of public policy on climate change mitigation. For example, climate strikes have given voice to youth in more than 180 countries. In other instances, mitigation policies allow the active participation of all stakeholders, resulting in building social trust, new coalitions, legitimising change, and thus initiate a positive cycle in climate governance capacity and policies," from IPCC Report Chapter 5, Executive Summary of Mitigation of Climate Change, 2022 Back
  • 3. "Social influencers and thought leaders can increase the adoption of low-carbon technologies, behaviours, and lifestyles (high confidence). Preferences are malleable and can align with a cultural shift. The modelling of such shifts by salient and respected community members can help bring about changes in different service provisioning systems. Between 10% and 30% of committed individuals are required to set new social norms," from IPCC Report Chapter 5, Executive Summary of Mitigation of Climate Change, 2022 Back
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