What's your creator vibe? Take our quiz to find out.

Why vibes matter (for you, for the climate)

Each creator has a vibe: your storytelling style, aesthetic, sense of humor, even your audience. This vibe stems from your values, which are your beliefs, goals, worldview. Your values infuse the media you consume and the content you create. 

Our quiz will give you a clearer sense of the type of storyteller you are—and help you make informed decisions about how to organically make content that sticks, grow your brand and engage your audience around the climate.

In Collaboration
with Harmony Labs
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  • Burst Bubbles

    Huge audiences rarely or never encounter climate information because they don’t seek out news—which is where most climate content lives right now.

    To actually reach them, we need to expand the climate convo beyond the bubbles of news and politics, and into the shows, YouTube vids, TikToks, songs, streams, fan fic, and web comics that people actually consume, and that you actually make.

  • Vibe Check

    That’s why we partnered with Harmony Labs to better understand audiences through their values and how these values influence the type of climate messaging that might appeal to them.

    So where do we begin? First, take the quiz below to help connect the dots between your own values and the content you vibe with.

    It might also help you start to understand what your audience values as well—if a vibe feels right to you, there’s a good chance your fans will appreciate it too!

  • Bridging the Gap

    Then, read on for some strategies to connect your values to climate storytelling approaches that could help you expand your audience.

Which vibe are you?

Click then drag the phrases below in order
of ‘most important’ to ‘least important’

People Power

You value: Community

We have to liberate ourselves from the status quo. It’s time to live up to our ideals, especially for the marginalized and oppressed. All kinds of people coming together in community can fix the system.

👇 Or explore all the vibes.

If You Say So

You value: Autonomy

It’s complicated. Politicians lie, cheat, and steal—corporations too. The system can’t be trusted. We have to look out for ourselves, here and now. Why not have fun doing it? I wish we could solve society’s problems, but a lot of people suck, and there’s no way the system is going to change.

👇 Or explore all the vibes.

Don’t Tread On Me

You value: Authority

Everyone’s got the same shot at making it. Race just isn’t a factor. We work hard for what we have. Our boys in blue protect that. The mainstream media wants you to believe otherwise, but, with blood, sweat, and tears, anyone can achieve the American Dream.

👇 Or explore all the vibes.

Tough Cookies

You value: Order

Life’s a grind and never fair, but you’ve got to keep going. We play by the rules, just like our parents. We learned to treat others right, and that family comes first. With a little faith and some hard work, there’s no reason this country’s problems can’t be solved.

👇 Or explore all the vibes.

We all like different stories

Click the circles to explore how our values predict where we hang out in media culture1👇

People Power, Community
If You Say So, Autonomy
Don’t Tread On Me, Authority
Tough Cookies, Order

Bridge audiences,
grow your following

  • The four core audiences form a map. The zones between these audiences represent bridges—spaces in which you can explore making content that reaches new audiences who may share common values. 

  • Say you identify as If You Say So. Could you make content that bridges the People Power zone? Or if that’s not your vibe, how about trying to lean south, into Don’t Tread On Me territory? Think about what your values are, then aim for the edges. Have fun clicking and exploring!

Personal Growth
If You Say So, Autonomy
Don’t Tread On Me, Authority
Tough Cookies, Order
People Power, Community

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